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GAMMA WAVE srl is a limited liability company closely associated with ““omicron βeta Osteopathic Research”.

While the latter mainly focuses on scientific research and the integration of Osteopathy with Biology and conventional Medicine, GAMMA WAVE s.r.l is intended for information dissemination, education and training.

Company goals:

  • Organizing post-graduate and high profile single-subject courses;
  • Spread awareness of the original osteopathic principles revisited in light of modern scientific knowledge;
  • Organizing culture meetings, demonstrations, brainstorming sessions, congresses and scientific lounges to promote a deeper knowledge and create a fertile space for discussion between different disciplines;
  • Producing scientific publications.


Post-graduate courses will focus on osteopathic topics and fundamental subjects of biology and medicine.

One of our aims is to fill possible gaps in the preparation of professionals. It is of utter importance for an osteopath to have solid knowledge of basic medical subjects which would help him gain a more thorough understanding of the patient as a whole. To be confident with the intricate processes that regulate the physiology of the entire organism is a crucial prerequisite for the practice of Osteopathic Medicine.

At GAMMA WAVE, we intend to provide the proper tools.

Courses will be structured in one or more levels, depending on the size of the programs and on the level of depth at which the topics will be discussed.

The company fosters and promotes high quality standards. Our lecturers are selected among experienced trainers and university professors. The programs will be scrutinized by the scientific committee of omicron βeta Osteopathic Research, made up of osteopaths, doctors and biologists.

The number and the required qualifications of participants will be determined and modulated according to the subject of each course. There will be courses open to all primary health care practitioners (doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, nurses etc..) and allied health professionals not elsewhere classified; other courses will target professional osteopaths exclusively and other specific categories.

Topics of discussion during culture meetings and courses:

  • Osteopathic synthesis
  • Osteopathy and the Immune System
  • Osteopathy and inflammation
  • Self-healing mechanisms
  • “Liquid Fascias”
  • Cytology/Histology

  • Chemistry (inorganic, organic)
  • Biochemistry
  • Immunology/pathology
  • Clinical methods
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology

  • Physiopathology
  • Research methodology
  • Nutrition
  • Microbiome
  • And many more…

Join with us:

The association will take into consideration  proposals of collaboration coming from experienced lecturers and professionals willing to organize events and courses.

We are currently working on the CME accreditation of credits (Continuing Medical Education).

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About us

“Gamma Wave – Advanced Osteopathic Education and Training” deals with dissemination and cultural study to improve the preparation of osteopathic professionals, because having confidence in the complicated processes that govern the functioning of the human body is essential to practice the true Osteopathic Medicine.


Organize high-profile post-graduate and monothematic courses, spread the traditional osteopathic concepts revised in the light of modern scientific knowledge, organize events, conferences, cultural meetings, scientific salons to promote the deepening of knowledge and comparison between different disciplines, produce publications.

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