Teacher: Daniela Willems

Dr. Daniela Willems

Research Biologist


Biologist with PhD in Cytological and Morphogenetic Sciences.

Former Professor of the Cell Culture Lab, Master’s Degree Course in Cellular and Molecular Biology (University of Viterbo).
Former Lecturer in Marine Ecotoxicology at the educational center in Civitavecchia.
Former Lecturer of General Biology  in TFA Courses for High school teachers.
Former member of the examination board for the courses in: Cytology and Histology , Cell Biology and the Laboratory of Experimental Biology.
Former member of the teaching staff in the postgraduate courses in Genetics and Cell Biology.
Currently teaching Ecotoxicology at the Bachelor’s Degree Course in Environmental Science in Civitavecchia.
Is part of the Committee for environmental monitoring and assessment.
The research activity focuses on animal cell differentiation observed in models of in vitro cultures tested through samples of toxicity coming from environmental pollutants.