Teacher: Valerio Chiurchiù

Dr. Valerio Chiurchiù

Research Biologist


Former researcher at the University of Teramo, Department of Biomedical Sciences.
Currently working as a researcher at the Medical School and Integrated Centre for Research of Campus Bio-Medico University and at the Santa Lucia Foundation IRCCS, Neurochemistry of Lipids Lab. Both located in Rome.

Has gained a solid experience in the study of immunomodulation of certain chemical mediators of inflammation (esp. bioactive lipids) including endocannabinoids. He is currently focusing on the regulatory effect these lipids have on the inflammatory response of different population groups of the immune system, in both physiological and pathological processes ( neurodegeneration, chronic inflammation e.g. MS, Alzheimer’s).

Currently studying the role of bioactive lipids (resolvins, maresins..) in collaboration with prestigious universities such as The University of Stockholm and Harvard Medical School of Boston.